Mini Bees – Not your average Rag Doll

Mini-Bees are changing,

Whilst I appreciate the need for toys to be CE tested, I have decided there are enough manufacturers out there doing a splendid job making toys for young children. And I have been feeling that I have been stifling my creativity with all the rules and regulations, so mini-Bees are changing and you can find out more in my next blog post, so please check back at the weekend to read it.

Thank you for your patience.


None of the below text is relevant now, but I don’t have time to change tit yet, so please bear with me.


I have put a hold on releasing any new mini-Bees, so Kate will be our last reveal for the time being, but don’t worry we will be back soon with Lucy. All dolls already out are still available though, and make perfect presents for your little darling.

These are cloth dolls with a difference, they are all handmade and all have hand painted faces so although your doll will have the same eye colour etc, it is impossible for me to make each completely the same; your doll will be unique to you, and they are just under 12 inches, about 29/30cm tall and 3 1/2 inches, 7/9 cm wide.

There will be  a total of 26 Mini-Bees, from Ava to Zoe, each with their own personality and unique attitude. These are not your average rag dolls. Please check back often to meet each new character and find out about them, alternatively follow Honey Pot Dolls on Instagram or Facebook to see each one’s unveil.


Ava and Billie

Ava is the fussy one, she just won’t eat her greens, unless they are cooked exactly right. And her room must be just so, she won’t suffer anybody else’s mess in her space. The only exception to this is her best friend Billie. Billie is the nervous one, and Ava is quite protective of her. Billie can get away with messing up Ava’s stuff when no one else can.


Claire is the quiet one, but what most people don’t know is whether she is quiet because she is shy or quiet because she is scared. But I can tell you that Claire is quiet because she is always busy dreaming up new ideas in her head. Have you ever heard of Wallace and Gromit? Well that’s Claire, her bedroom is a mass of weird looking contraptions. Believe me, she is clever, there isn’t a problem she can’t fix. Don’t be surprised if she borrows your spanners, but she is a good girl and she will always return them.

Georgie, her best friend, on the other hand can talk for England, as I’m sure you will find out when her time comes later this month and we get to ‘G’. It is definitely a case of chalk and cheese with these girls but they are inseparable. Georgie is often rabbiting on while Claire is tinkering away at her inventions, only looking up with the occasional “can you pass me the ratchet please?”, which Georgie does without pausing for breath, continuing with her tale of how her day went, but you will find out more about Georgie, when it’s her turn.

One thing about Claire though is, she won’t go out without her lip gloss on. Today she has picked a shade to match her dress.


Dasiy – The Shy One

Well what can I say about Daisy? Found from a very young age hiding under her bed at the thought of going anywhere new, Daisy is the “shy” one.  It has taken every ounce of her courage to come out to say hello today. And as for posing for her photo shoot well it took me some persuading I can tell you. Her best friend, Jessie, is just left of the photo, smiling and adding encouragement.

So, what does Daisy like? Well there’s cats, Daisy loves cats and often tries to encourage the neighbourhood cats into the house with little bits of food. She says that cats aren’t scary like people, and often sulks when the neighbours come around to get their cats back. ‘Course she won’t answer the door though and Jessie has to do that for her, secretly Jessie doesn’t really like the cats in the house as they leave cat hairs all over the place. Jessie is the “Neat” one, you’ll find out about her later.

Daisy also likes macaroni cheese and cheese on toast, in fact she is very fond of cheese based meals all round, but won’t eat it in the evening because she doesn’t want bad dreams. Daisy doesn’t not like bad dreams, but who does? And because she like cheese quite so much, she often uses it to lure the cats in as, believe it or not, cats like cheese as much as mice and Daisy.


pretty rag doll pulling silly face

Ellie – The “Silly” One

Well Ellie, as I am sure you can tell is the “Silly” one, and my goodness me is she silly, if you are ever sad or feeling a little blue, Ellie is there, because although silly she still has a heart of gold and will try her utmost to cheer you up, pulling faces, doing little silly dances, and generally fooling about trying to make you smile. And she doesn’t worry about where she is or who she is with, she will act silly anywhere.

Her ‘bestie’ won’t be out for quite a long time as she is right at the other end of the alphabet. Her best friend is Zoe, and she is the “Boisterous” one and believe me there are times when the two of them get together and the noise level rockets, and we have lost a few vases I have to admit, but the girls are always so sorry if they break anything and try to glue things together again, but somehow they never quite look the same, for instance, the last item to get broken was a teapot and by the time the girls were done the spout was upside down and the tea poured upwards.

But please don’t get me wrong, Ellie will be on her best behaviour and will make a wonderful companion to any little girl who wants a playmate to fool about with.


Now don’t get me wrong Florence isn’t always cross, but it doesn’t take much to set her off, I think she actually quite enjoys it. Her best friend is Olive, Olive is the “Loud” one, and quite often they get into very heated debates, but if you tell them not to fight, they both reply in unison, “but we’re not fighting we are just discussing!!” and run off holding hands and giggling. So, I just shrug my shoulders and leave them to it.  For best friends, they don’t agree on much except that they love to spend time together flicking through magazines and saying that everything is “booorrrriiinnnngggggg”.

Florence does smile though when she gets her favourite dinner, which is spaghetti and meatballs, she loves sucking spaghetti through her teeth, something that drives Ava nuts. Ava often refuses to eat at the same time as Florence, saying she just can’t watch and the noise!! I think this is one of the reasons Florence enjoys it so much, that and the fact she likes to grate lots of cheese on her dinner which always panics Daisy. Daisy worries that there might not be enough left for her, but often isn’t brave enough to say, then Florence gets cross again and says she should just speak up! We don’t have spaghetti too often as it always a problem meal.

If your little girl likes to play mommy and tell her dolls off, then Florence would be perfect for her as she needs telling off quite often.


rag doll with bright red hair

Georgie – The Talkative One

Surely we all have one talkative friend, you know the one, they don’t seem to need to pause for breath and have the ability to make a story about just a trip to the corner shop to buy some milk, because Claire happened to use the last of it during an experiment to make a self-dispensing milkshake machine, which by the way made the most delicious strawberry milkshake that anyone has ever tasted and whilst out we also ran into Daisy buying cheese as she had run out of that too, and had quite a giggle about how much fun it all was.

I think you get my drift, we all have and love a friend like that and sometimes they are such a nice treat to have round because you can just sit back and listen and laugh and enjoy good company without having to try to think of something intelligent or witty to say. Well that’s Georgie, most definitely good company and no surprise that she is Claire’s best friend and she can be your little girl’s best friend too.

One other thing I should mention about Georgie is that she loves animals, almost to be point of obsession. She loves her dress most especially as it has baby pandas on it and she loves baby animals, most of all, baby pandas. So, if you happen to take her to a zoo, watch her carefully in case she wonders off to the baby animal petting area. (Equally if you do happen to take her to a zoo and lose her, look in the baby animal petting area and you’ll most like find her.)


blond, pretty rag doll

Honor – The Bashful One

Honor is a bashful little sweetheart. When she is on her own or with her closest bestie, Sophia, then she can relax, and it has been known that she can get a little giggly at times, but when in company, Honor is usually hiding in a corner and quite often going a little red, poor thing. But there is one thing that makes her forget all this bashfulness and draws her out, if only a little while, and that is singing, although way too shy, at the moment, to ever consider a life on the stage, she is very, very good at singing and does delight in karaoke.  With a small bunch of close friends, Honor can often be found singing her heart out at the local karaoke bar, but should anyone she doesn’t know start to pay attention and watch her then she quickly slides off stage and hides in the corner again. Honor’s best friend Sophia is a calming influence on her, assuring her that no one is watching and that they are all just too wrapped up in their own problems to notice that she may have gone a little red on stage or that her voice may have wobbled a little at the end and that these things really don’t matter, and everyone clapped very loudly at the end because they thought she was very good and enjoyed watching her which is a nice thing.

Honor has a lot of very curly blond hair that she likes to keep long, so she can hide behind it, and secretly she loves the fact that people are often envious of her hair as it is so beautiful, but she never admits that, I’m not sure that even Sophia knows, but I have seen the way she brushes it every morning, and I’m glad she has something that she is not so bashful about. Honor would make the prefect companion for any little girl who is a little bashful too, they could help each other overcome everyday worries. She would make anyone a prefect companion really, she is very sweet when you get to know her.


hippie style rag doll

Indigo – The Free-Spirited One

Indigo is a special mini-Bee as she is also my contribution to the Makers Medley for November. Check out Instagram @themakersmedley for more information and to see a whole lot of other fantastic makers and their creations.

But back to Indigo, she is the free-spirited one, she is very laid back and her bestie is Xena who happens to be the patient one, which sometimes is just as well as Indigo is just so laid-back and can be a little slow to get moving some time and is quite often late.

Being late doesn’t worry her at all as she is quite convinced that the universe will drift along just nicely with her and everything will be zen in the end, so it is very hard to hustle her along and a little frustrating in the morning, but equally, it is very hard to stay cross with her when she smiles so sweetly and offers you a flower. Her favourite things are the beach and her Grandad’s old vinyl record collection, as I’m sure you can tell she is a hippie and loves listening to music and wishing she could recreate Woodstock. When she grows up she knows she will be the singer in a famous band, but will be really cool about it and still love the beach and her old friends.

Please note that Indigo has aspects of an art doll about her and these must be removed to make her safe for a child, so please remove her beaded necklaces and hair ribbons before giving to a child.


a delightful rag doll with slightly messy hair

Jessie – The Neat One

So ever since Daisy had her photoshoot she has been waiting for Jessie to have hers, just to show her how scary it was, but Jessie has been fine with having hers done. Jessie is the ‘Neat’ one and likes things to be just so. She always puts a coaster under her drink and uses a plate when having a biscuit which of course gets washed up straight away (no dirty dish in the sink, thank you very much). One of the reasons that Jessie tries so hard to keep things neat (I believe anyway) is that her hair is quite wayward and try to control it as best she can, it often does its own thing, so she insists that things she can control are neat.

Jessie is tutting again today, as Daisy has been eating cheese on toast on her bed and there are crumbs everywhere. Jessie often says she has no idea how someone can use a plate and still make such a mess. No one else would get away with it that’s for sure. And it’s a good thing that they love each other so much as neither of them are very easy to live with.

When Jessie grows up she wants to be a secretary, so she can file everything in order all day long and keep her pens in neat rows, but before then she will be more than happy to help keep your little one neat.


gorgeous teal haired rag doll

Kate – The Lazt One

Here is Kate – Kate is the Lazy one, best friends with Nancy, who is the anxious one so at first glance it might seem that they are not well suited at all. Kate’s laziness can quite often exaggerate Nancy’s anxiousness. But in some respects, they are quite good for each other. Kate does make an effort for Nancy and Nancy tries her hardest not to nag Kate about things, like being late or not brushing her hair before a photo. Kate doesn’t mean to be late, or forgetful about personal hygiene, it’s just that those things are not that important to her, she would rather just sit and watch a cloud drift by or listen to the rain on the roof tops. Kate is one of the nicest people to spend a warm summer afternoon with, but not to try to catch a train with 2 connections across the country.

The mini-Bees are really looking forward to the adventures that are ahead of them and wondering what sort of child they will be loved by. They know that they can be a real support helping a child, giving that little extra care when a child is nervous and they are very good at listening and especially good to hug with their soft bodies. And if hugged with dirty hands, they are washable too, making them great playmates all round. For more of their story please click on their picture.


These are cloth dolls with a difference, they are all handmade and all have hand painted faces so although your doll will have the same eye colour etc, it is impossible for me to make each completely the same; your doll will be unique to you, and they will be about 29/30cm tall and 7/9 cm wide.


These dolls are CE tested, going through many rigorous tests to ensure they are completely safe for your child from birth, onwards. For more information on the tests, please see my relevant blog posts:

For more information or to purchase your doll, please click on the relevant photo above and you will be taken to that doll’s Etsy listing, or click on the button opposite.

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