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Sorry for any inconvience but this page is still being written. I had a FAQ page on the old website, but unfortuantly due to my not being very organised, when the laptop died, I lost the only saved version I had, so I am rebuilding this slowly. If you have any questions please do send them to me so I can add them, and their answer to this page. Thank you for bearing with me.
How big are your dolls?

Here is a blog post with details for the doll sizes:

 Sizes Blog Post


What are the differences between the types of dolls?
please check out this blog post … not really I haven’t written it yet but it will be published 15th March, this page is a work in progress after all.
Can I wash my doll?
Well that really depends on what sort of doll it is? If is it one of my children’s doll that have been CE tested, then yes. But NO if it is an art doll.

Art dolls have their features painted with watercolour paints and pastels and although a fixing agent is used, their features will fade with washing.

Do you make custom dolls?
quick answer, yes.

please get in touch for details.

What are your dolls stuffed with?
sugar and spice and all things nice, no not really. Either poly fill for art dolls, or 100% British wool batting for Waldorf dolls. More details can be found on the dolls listing in the Shop.
What is CE testing?
Why thanks for asking this is a very good and important question. In Europe the toy industry is regulated and all soft toys need to be suitable from birth and meet very high standards of safety and quality. All my CE tested toys undergo very thorough testing and you can find more information on these blog posts:

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UK Doll Blogs

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