About Honey Pot Dolls

Art Dolls designed to bring a smile to your face. 

My dolls are quaint and colourful with a sentimental, timeless feel that I hope will evoke joy  and possibly nostalgic memories. They are whimsical, enchanting treasures.

Hi I’m Alison or Ally to my friends and I am a doll maker. I am a mother of two brilliant, older children who still live at home, with me, my wonderful other half, Dr. J. (a bit of a mad scientist), our very enthusiastic dog Jessy, an old grumpy cat called Sophie and 3 crazy chickens who love to run wild in the flower beds.

I have tried my hands at making many things and find that textiles are my delight and dolls are my passion, a passion I wish to share with the world. I have always had a drive to create and once my children where born, I had the perfect outlet with dolls for them and so many dressing up costumes. Those days are over for now though until grandchildren come along (not too soon I hope).

So for now I share my dolls and talents with the world, instead, I cannot stop making dolls and dressing them in pretty embroidered clothes makes me content, then they tell me their stories which I share can with you.

Planning World Domination

No I didn't steal the cream

Where the Magic happens

Gaston about to wrestle Scramble the chicken

And here I am,

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Great British Doll and Teddy Award Winner

Alison won the cloth doll section award the first time that she entered this prestigious award in 2015. Sadly this was also the last year that the awards where held.

Member of the Makers Medley
Alison is one of 12 doll makers spread around the world that form the Makers Medley, they hold monthly challenges and spread doll love encouraging all levels of doll makers to join in, and improve by practice.
Member of the Core Collective
Alison is also a member of the Core Collective a group of like mind creatives who come together to share, inspire, develop and exhibit their work within the West Midlands region.

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