Morning Lovelies,

Many of you regular readers will know that I have the pleasure of being part of The Maker Medley, a small, select group of international artist who challenge themselves and budding doll makers who would like to join in to make a doll, or piece of art to a theme each month. And February’s theme was ‘VILLAINS’…..

So villains,

Well I was talking to my daughter about this challenge asking for some advice as to which villain to pick, I mean there are so many of them.   And straight away she said Gaston. And we both started singing

“No-one Fights like Gaston,

Douses lights like Gaston

In a wrestling match, nobody bites like Gaston.”

 This happens a lot in our household, sudden outbursts of singing Disney songs, as well as lots of other songs too, but there is a lot of Disney.

Well I thought this was a splendid idea, and immediately started to plan out how I would make that wonderful chiselled chin and cheekbones. Also requiring thought would be his very manly physique and bulging muscles. So off to the drawing board and a quick redesign of my standard body pattern and I came up with this handsome shape.
I decided that needle felting was going to be a great way to get his features really well defined, since he is well known for his square jaw line and dimpled chin, not forgetting those cheek bones. So, this was a great project to practice my needle felting of faces. Other than Waldorf dolls, who by nature do not have well defined features, the last one I had done was the caterpillar for Alice, which was only needle felted, this would be slightly different as the felting needed to be firm enough to take the tight skin over the top and still retain features. With the help of a little needle sculpting I think he turned out rather dashing. Don’t you?
needle felted cloth doll
I wired his hands, arms and legs, but in hind-sight if I was to do it again I would use stronger wire for his arms, as there is a lot of padding in there and the pipe cleaners don’t have the strength to hold poses well. I used stronger wire for his legs though and he stands well.
Gaston about to fight a chicken
A quick drafting of trousers and a tunic with collar and he then had clothes as well as a fine pair of felt boots. My only problem in this area was I didn’t have any bright yellow fabric and I only needed the smallest scrap, so I grabbed some white cotton and painted it instead. Then a little bit of hand sewing and his tunic was complete.
Next month’s challenge is EGGS, as Easter is coming, but I’m sure you knew that. Follow the Makers Meldey on Instagram to see all the other great artists work too. The reveal will be March 31st.

Next week’s blog post will be about what are the difference between different types of dolls, I do hope you’ll come back and join me for that too. Until next week, take care and keep warm…


Bye, Ally x

A cloth doll Gaston