Well I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe how fast 2017 went by, and now we stand at the start of 2018. I love the start of a new year, all the excitement and wonder of what it might bring. A fresh start to wipe the slate clean and do better than we did last year. And Jessy is quite pleased to learn it is the year of the dog, so she want to feature more too.

I am trying, this week to organise; my sewing room, my thoughts, my plans; to look back at which dolls I made and which I loved and to move into the future knowing what skills I want to improve on and what I need to learn all together lol (photography is a biggy for me here as so much of my ‘job’ now revolves around Social Media, more than I thought possible when I started, and photos are such a big part of that).

But with the new year, I almost feel the air about me buzz with excitement of new opportunities and little faces that are waiting to come out of the shadows of my mind and be created in reality, fashioned out of cloth and stuffing and I’m sure just a tad of magic.

But before all that I need to do some planning, I have just finished my 16/17 tax return and accounts, which I am very pleased with myself for, but although I want to rush straight to that lovely pile of material, this year I aim to be stronger in my discipline and more thoughtful in how I spend my time. There needs to be more thought and planning in all areas to help them flow properly. I need to be aware of Christmas and plan, but I also need to be aware of Halloween and Easter, Mother’s Day and coming very shortly Blue Monday, to name but a few. So many social media deadlines, as I’m sure any of you in marketing will be aware of; things that need to be put into the calendar and prepared for even though some may just be a small task, like putting together a funny picture to cheer people up on Blue Monday, they all need scheduling.

This year I really hope to be able to do all this for you, my audience. I want to have a more polished, professional front, but don’t worry there will still be behind the scenes views, so you will know in reality I am still just as messy in my creativity and that the dolls are fighting back and usually win on how they want to look. But I want to feel that I have a plan and a goal, and that I can mark my progress toward it.

This will start with the website, last year you may know, saw the end of Bees Knees Art Dolls and Honey Pot Creations as separate entities and the start of a new ‘branded’ Honey Pot Dolls.co.uk, but I have so much more work to do on this as well as my Esty shop.

I have ideas and they are big ones, but you my faithful followers, new and old, will have to be patient with me as I am the only one around here in my head and I need to coax these ideas out and down onto paper and formulate a plan and a time line to make sure those new little faces and personalities know their time will come if they are also patient with me, they will get made. A whole 52 weeks stretch in front of us, no actually only 51 now, oh dear, I’m behind schedule already…. This is why I need a planner lol.

I really hope you stick around for the journey, I am scheduling in properly a time for blogging this year as I enjoy these moments to reflect and to let you know what’s happening, my achievements and what didn’t work too. It will also help keep me on track with that plan, monitoring how well I am keeping to it.


cute cloth doll bottom

So as we say bye to the butt of 2017 and hello to 2018, I wish you all much success

So, this week I will plan and next week I will let you know how I got on.

Until then, keep well