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Mini Bees – Not your average Rag Doll

  Mini-Bees not your average rag doll click on a picture to get your own cloth doll Mini-Bee release is on hold for a short while Just over the Christmas period I am putting a hold on releasing any new mini-Bees, so Kate will be our last reveal for the time being, but don’t worry […]

Pretty Waldorf doll

Waldorf Inspired Dolls

Waldorf Inspired Cloth dolls A Waldorf doll (also called Steiner doll) is a form of doll compatible with Waldorf (or Steiner) education philosophies. My Waldorf dolls are of natural materials, such as fine wool or cotton skin toned fabric, pure wool stuffing,  use techniques drawing on traditional European doll-making. The dolls appearance is intentionally simple in order to […]

Bees Knees Art Dolls

Bees knees art dolls Bees Knees Art Dolls are my one of a kind cloth doll range that are for adult collectors please note these doll are not CE tested and are not play things. They come with their own signed certificate of authenticity. Usually a mixture of watercolours, pencils and permanent pigma pens have […]

Doll’s Clothes

Most of my dolls have removable clothes and additional outfits can be bought from the Etsy shop or commissioned directly . Please check often to see what is currently available. mini-Bees Clothes Duffel coat – COMING SOON There will be lots of special dresses and clothes coming for your mini-Bees to wear soon, so check […]