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Happy birthday to me

and to celebrate I am having a giveaway!!

I have included a little for both sides, the cute and the creepy. You could always keep the side you love the most and have an early Christmas present for someone with the rest. 😂

To enter find the post pinned to the top of my Facebook page or/and (for 2 chances to win) look through my Instagram till you find this post and follow the instructions there.

I may well add more goodies to this pile if I get lots of comments on both posts, in fact the more comments the more goodies. 😉

😁 Happy birthday to me. 😘

Not affiliated with Facebook or Instagram at all, 👀

Link to the Facebook post 

Link to the Instagram Post

Light honey

Whimsical soft sculpture multi-media art dolls

Dark honey

Macabre and dark whimsy art dolls